Novi model Nintendo DS-a do kraja godine

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Novi model Nintendo DS-a do kraja godine

Post by justyce4ever on Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:06 pm

Nintendo planira da do kraja 2008. godine na tržište lansira novi model prenosive konzole za igru DS sa kamerom, softverom za puštanje muzike i mogućnošću bežičnog povezivanja. Novi model će koštati manje od 185 dolara.

A koliko će kod nas da koštaaa...inače DS je najbolje prodavana P.konzola ali u poslednje vreme gubi bitku sa PSPom...


# Comes with an external 0.3 Megapixel camera (for 640 x 480 pixel pictures) and a VGA camera located on the hinge, directed towards the user. You'll be able to edit pictures using the touchscreen.
# Full music playback functionality, including adjustable pitch and playback speed.
# Both screens have been expanded to 3.25 inches.
# SD memory card slot is included, and there'll be on-board memory also.
# Will ship with an built-in Nintendo DS web browser.
# DSi will allow users to download games from DSWare, a new service that operates with Wii Points -- or, as they are now known, Nintendo Points.
# Logging onto DSWare for the first time will grant users 1,000 free Nintendo Points.
# DSWare comes in four pricing categories: free (!), 200 Nintendo Points, 500 Nintendo Points, and 800 Nintendo Points.
# Will come in lovely matte white and matte black. Begone, foul fingerprints that have taunted us so!
# And finally, it launches on November 1st in Japan, and will cost Ą18,900, or roughly $179.

Vesti vezano za ds, kamera take rezolucije mi je nepotrebna a deluje interesantno sd slot, taman za pirate....

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